The Venue Vixen’s love to find diamonds in the rough and that’s the category I would place Church Key at Hock Farm.  Not because it’s rough and you have to look hard to see what’s great, but instead because it is in the heart of Downtown Sacramento and you may not know about this tucked away venue.  Can you envision your wedding ceremony at Capitol Park, the beautiful rose garden, or one of the several downtown churches, well this reception spot may be walking distance, convenient and fun! Everyone knows Hock Farm the restaurant, but not everyone knows about their fabulous event space called Church Key.  Serving California craft cocktails and a locally sourced inspirational menu, this could be the perfect hip urban venue.

With its own private entrance, Church Key invites your guests through a lined pathway of immense potted olive trees accented with tiki torches into the private patio space. This understated patio sits between the Hock Farm Restaurant and the rustic brick wall backdrop of the restaurant next door.  The space is lined with hops growing from barrels that vine overhead from spring to fall.  Church Key boasts an urban feel with a funky elegance that suits many styles and many types of events.  Tall, narrow, wood slatted tables create fun, highboy dinner seating and the addition of their turquoise and grey high backed bar stools top it all off. Seating is included in this style for up to 40 guests and additional wine slatted cocktail tables are available or feel free to bring in some additional tables. The patio can hold up to 100 guests for events. Creating a dinner party or cocktail reception with an edgy style, an amazing menu from the Expo Kitchen at Hock Farm, and craft cocktails served from their rolling wood sided bar is ideal.

The Church Key space is situated perfectly so the buildings shade the space by mid-afternoon and the addition of the overhead fans and sleek patio heaters make it very comfortable from spring to fall. Enjoy the Delta breeze through the space and toast to a great event, be it a wedding reception, private party or corporate function, all would work fabulously at this venue.

Fun Fact:  I learned what a church key is…’s a classic bottle opener! How have I never heard that term?

~Vixen Catrina