Endless possibilities tease the imagination with this unconventional property along the Sacramento River just south of the sleepy town of Isleton, California.   Located between Sacramento and the Bay Area, this stunning pure white Victorian home can’t be missed when driving the river road. The main usable space is outside with a couple of different choices to choose from to hold your event.  Consider the expansive grassy area, the delightful space under the spreading oak trees, or the lovely English Garden Courtyard. Delta Diamond Farm is somewhat like a lovely park with its lush lawn and views of the surrounding Cherry Orchard and Vineyard. There is plenty of acreage of grass for a tent if that is something desired for your event. A fun feature to the property is the barn that was built in 1884, complete with chandeliers to give it a elegant/rustic feel.   The barn can accommodate up to 175 people.

Delta Diamond Farm allows you to use their antique décor to help style your event.   They also have a lemonade stand, custom built Tractor BBQ and a Streamline Trailer to rent if you want to add some extra style.

There is a beautifully decorated Bridal Suite for the Bride and Bridesmaids to get ready. It’s equipped with plenty of space for hair and makeup to be done.   This is the perfect picturesque setting for any wedding, from the very intimate to the most extravagant gala. We offer wedding packages featuring everything you could want for your special day including complimentary planning services.

We encourage you to visit the property and we guarantee that you will find one of the most unique wedding venues in our region.

~ Authored by Delta Diamond