The Elks Tower Sacramento evokes classic elegance.  Just driving by the building brings back feelings of bygone days.  The exterior brick facade is beautiful and grand.  The Elks committee wanted to build a structure that would exemplify modern architecture and beauty and stand the test of time… and this building truly has.  The Elks building was built in 1926 and the spaces inside have been used for numerous businesses and ventures during the past 80+ years.  In 2004 K. Alexis Corp. (a local family business) purchased the building and began renovating the second floor ballroom.  The present owners have continued with the Elks committee’s vision with the renovations throughout the building, but no other areas contend with the magnificence of the grand ballroom with it’s polished wood floors and ornate, high beamed ceilings.  The rich Italian Renaissance design starts at the front doors, through the marbled foyer, into the elevators, exiting into the second floor landing and then entering the magnificent ballroom.  The appointments of the building and ballroom are lovely, with fabulous chandeliers, golden columns,  and lots of rich, dark wood.  There is no need to add a dancefloor to this room…you can dance anywhere!

Although the room is filled with wood and gold, we find that all colors and decor work well.  The client can make it their own by renting the exact chairs, tables, and linens that they envision.  The back wall is full of arched paned windows and large ornate sills just begging to be filled with candlelight…how romantic.  There are multiple side rooms which can be used for buffets, bars, catering, photobooths, etc., so the ballroom can just have the dinner tables, making for a very clean room.

There are two bonus mezzanines on each side of the room.  These are perfect for the photographer to get some great party, dance and room shots, but the mezzanine space can also work well as lounge areas and for additional seating.

The Elks provides a preferred vendor list, but most licensed, insured, professional vendors are welcome.  They only host one event per day, so they can be flexible about the rental hours, which is very beneficial if trying to work around a 2pm Catholic mass or other timing issue.  Also, their sound ordinance allows amplified music until midnight, so if you want a late night party this location is a great option.  The Elks Tower is a wonderful place for a party and one of the most flexible venues in town, allowing many catering options and rental options so you can truly have the wedding of your dreams.

~ Vixen Kendra