We found another treasure … Glide Ranch, perfect for the vintage, rustic event theme.  Davis, California is a bedroom community to Sacramento, and just a short drive from the Bay Area; best known for its small town atmosphere, the university, the greenbelt and bikes.  Glide Ranch is just west of town and operated by CAFF, the Community Alliance with Family Farmers.  The Glide House, which is the original homestead built in 1908, is the focal point and center of the event space.  The rental includes the house with indoor plumbing, which means restrooms for up to 80 guests and a catering kitchen.  The interior has wood floors with area rugs, lovely wall sconces and beautiful fireplaces.  It works well to have the cake and buffet inside, and there’s space for the bride to slip into her gown and have a nice, cool area to wait prior to ceremony.

The ranch is 170 acres, but the manicured 1 acre grounds around the house is what we really see being utilized for a wedding ceremony, reception or party.  There’s plenty of space for up to 250 guests and the rental includes extra time for the DIY bride to setup and cleanup the property.  To the east of the house is the vintage trellis, with cement pillar and vines, which can be lit with market lighting.  The old gazebo is directly adjacent which makes for a fun bar area, photobooth or entrance table.  As you come around the house you see the expansive lawn, surrounded by tall trees and foliage, even some palm trees planted right next to pine trees, so you know you’re in California!  There are bare bulbs lighting the house so it makes for a perfect backdrop in daylight or after sunset and just off the house is a brick patio then asphalt drive, so no need to rent a dancefloor.  The stately trees make for a shaded lawn once the sun begins to drop, so an evening event is suggested unless you’d like to supply some shade with a beautiful tent or market umbrellas.  On the west side of the house is a more intimate lawn area and rose garden.  This area works well for a ceremony or cocktail space with the golden fields and horses behind it.

The property is abundant, so it’s a photographers heaven, with many barns, fields, and old fences to work with.  This venue has a lot of character, but can also be decorated to fit almost any theme or style.  And to top it all off all proceeds from the venue rental support CAFF, a local non-profit that advocates for California’s family farmers and sustainable agriculture.  You need to check this place out to really see its potential!

We’re very thankful that Carmen of Carmen Salazar Photography joined us on this Vixen trip and captured some great shots of the Ranch.

Vixen Kendra