Gloria Ferrer Winery is nestled on the hillside of the SonomaValley.  This Aristocratic Spanish Architecture was inspired by the families rich history and world travels.  The Ferrer’s history dates back 700 years in the wine world, but this winery location has been developed and grown over the last 30 years.   The family history is quite fascinating and the staff is friendly and willing to share the past stories that add richness to this location.

You may also believe, as I did, that Gloria Ferrer only makes sparkling wines.  It was quickly apparent they make many still wines too as we peeked through their wine tasting list in the tasting room.  They produce an extensive noteworthy wine list and world renowned sparkling wines using the grapes well suited for this region: Pinot.

There are a number of spaces available for use for your event needs.  An outdoor ceremony option is directly adjacent to the convenient parking and is covered with a garden style pergola that can be decorated or used as partial covering if needed. Adding lights to this structure for an intimate and small dinner would create an elegant, simple, and quaint space.  Breeze shades can be dropped to keep guests comfortable if needed.  Natural wood chairs are included to keep things simple and are contained in house for your ease.  The stunning views peek through the pillars at the edge of the pergola and capture the slowly rolling hills of the valley and vines that go on forever.

As you ascend the hill to the main building you can enter the open air patio and deck space for a separate event area and transition before bringing your guests inside for dinner and dancing.  A cocktail hour or outdoor dinner would be appealing on this deck.  Abundant views, patio furniture, umbrellas, and more make this space the ideal transitional area.

This is where the options truly begin and make this location shine. There are two very ideal indoor event spaces at Gloria Ferrer Winery.  The first is the wine tasting room, after hours, as the staff easily transforms this space for dinner and dancing. There is nothing better than being able to pour from a built in and oversized tasting bar!  The room’s boxed chandeliers, wood beams, and the natural wood feel create a warm and cozy environment to settle into for any event.  Again, simplifying things for you, they have choices of table sizes and handle the difficult task of arranging and moving the tables as needed to create the perfect space.

The second indoor reception option is the elusive wine cave.  We all dream of the wine cave when we go to Napa and Sonoma, but so few wineries have beautiful and functional wine caves for full receptions.  This space has tall ceilings, rounded side walls of any true cave, is large enough for the average wedding and is lined with wood wine racks.  The staff if gracious enough to add hundreds of small candles to make the cave glow.

In addition to the varying options in spaces, Gloria Ferrer has a warm and inviting family feel that appeals to anyone planning an event they are sharing with their closest and dearest family and friends.  This venue is flexible and can create events for every budget.   A bonus large bridal suite is the final addition to a great venue.  Check out Gloria Ferrer and add them to your list for your next event or tasting stop!

~ Vixen Catrina