Miners Foundry has my heart and soul.  I have designed weddings at this venue for a number of years, and with each event, I grow deeper in love.  Located in the heart of the charming town of Nevada City, this historical former ironworks and blacksmith shop was built in 1855 at the height of the Gold Rush. The locals use this beautiful venue for their community events (musicals, plays, art showings and crab feeds!), but for those not living in the area, do consider holding an event at Miners Foundry… the area and the Foundry are perfect for a destination wedding or a social of any kind.

The most special space within the Foundry to utilize is Stone Hall.  As the name implies, the walls are made of magnificent native stone with a focal working fireplace at one end, beautiful high ceilings with large timber trusses throughout the Hall, unique vintage chandeliers, and lovely graceful windows.  Stone Hall “dresses” up wonderfully as candlelight just makes the room dance; the transformation from day-time use to a beautiful evening soiree is incredible!

Another room to rent separately or use in combination with Stone Hall is The Foyer, which is adjacent to the Hall and was originally the blacksmith shop and now has a wonderful display of artifacts, antique machines and interpretive displays.  The Foyer is the perfect gathering place for the pre-social or cocktail hour prior to entering into Stone Hall. Guests will be fascinated with the historical pieces and can walk about with a drink in hand and learn about Miners Foundry and its first life.  I personally love the huge iron door separating the two spaces; opening up these two big doors for the room “reveal” is awesome!  The Upper Gallery and the Osborn/Woods Hall are two more rooms within Miners Foundry.  Wedding ceremonies, presentations or a social may be held in either space; the Osborn/Woods Hall has a permanent stage and a great sound system, plus the space has theatrical lighting and a nice wooden dance floor.  The Italian market lights across the room make for a very romantic feel.

Miners Foundry has a great kitchen available for off-site catering and the space rental includes tables and basic chairs and there is parking on site.  Finally, photo ops for the bride and groom are everywhere – not only within the Foundry, but there is a sweet little outdoor patio space with flowering trees in spring and blooming pots, as well as the wonderful historical buildings and architecture within a couple of blocks. I love Miners Foundry so check it out!!

~ Vixen Lora