We Vixens had the honor of viewing the sweetest chapel… it is not often that we showcase “churches,” but Old St. Mary’s Chapel is so special, we couldn’t resist.  Many couples wish to marry within the traditional setting of a church but have no particular religious connection or church affiliation.  This historic building was at one time a Catholic Church (for something like 100 years), but now serves the Rocklin/Roseville and foothill communities of Placer County as a non-denominational chapel.  Couples with any faith (or no faith) may marry at Old St. Mary’s Chapel.

We love the rich history of this building, which was built in 1883… but can you believe that in 2004 it was slated to be demolished!!  The good citizens of Rocklin would not hear of it and raised funds to physically move the building to a new park-like setting. Many volunteers worked hard to re-build the fantastic steeple and improve and create the gorgeous celestial windows and refinish the original oak floors.  With excellent air conditioning and heating plus insulation, visitors and guests will be comfortable in a very quiet environment.  We noticed how beautifully the light filtered through those artisan windows.

There is the convenience of a bride’s dressing area, plenty of  parking, and ramps have been created for ADA compliance.  The best part about Old St. Mary’s Chapel is the bell tower that houses a large bell which is encouraged to be rung by the newlyweds before leaving the church – their first joint effort by pulling ropes (3 times) to announce their union.  How cool is that?!

The sweetly landscaped patio immediately outside the church may be used for photos, a lemonade greeting area, or a small outdoor luncheon or dinner reception following the ceremony.  A grassy lawn borders the patio and all within view of the historic Rocklin train (Amtrak) station.  Arrangements for the rental of the chapel and use of the patio is handled through the Rocklin Historical Society.

Thank you to Mike Regan of 5 Finger Photo for capturing the beauty of Old St. Mary’s Chapel.

~ Vixen Lora